3D printing

Imagine That: Gartner Predicts Boom in 3D Printer Sales

All hail!

Hey, have you guys heard of this cool new thing called 3D printing? It’s pretty neat! That’s the word from the analysts at Gartner, who’ve just released a report predicting a boom in sales.

In the firm’s first report on the 3D printers cheaper than $100K (so, enterprise and consumer, but not industrial-grade), Gartner predicts the market will grow 49 percent this year, predicting a weirdly precise sales figure of 56,507 units; hit 98,065 in 2014; and follow that with a “near doubling of unit shipments in 2015.” Read More

Antisocial Media

Our Sad Future Online: Fake Likes, Fake Friends, Fake Fans

Takes on a new meaning here. (Photo: Pc1news.com)

If you think people act fake online now, just wait: troubling research seems to indicate that in just two years’ time, up to 15 percent of our social media interaction will be truly fake. This means fake “likes” on Facebook pages and Twitter accounts padded with thousands of followers with obviously machine-generated names and nonsensical tweets will become a common feature of our social media experience.

As TechCrunch explains, however, the advent of paid social networking stroke jobs has given birth to sleuthing services to help us separate the merely glib from digitally-generated affection: Read More