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You, Too, Can Learn Dothraki at the Low Price of $19.99

Be just like this happy couple. (Photo via

Game of Thrones obsessives, rejoice: starting in October, you can officially learn Dothraki, the language spoken by that super-hot neanderthal who married Daenerys in the first season of the show.

About 150 nerds and dorks are currently able to speak Dothraki, Cnet reports. After this $19.99 Living Language course hits the market, though, we expect fluency rates to balloon to at least 175 or even 180. Read More


Winter Has Come for TV Advertising: YouTubers Are Getting More Viewers Than ‘Game of Thrones’

Daenerys looks worried. (Screengrab: HBO)

Last night’s “The Children” was the season four finale of Games of Thrones, and though the numbers aren’t in yet, it’s clear that millions of viewers tuned in—and then turned to the internet, as they have throughout the season, to cheer, bemoan, recap, celebrate, and even remake the events of each episode.

Everyone knows Game of Thrones is hugely popular. What may be surprising is many YouTubers are generating more views than the popular series. Creators across platforms, and on YouTube in particular, are quickly reaching the same scale and viewership, without the marketing and multi-million dollar budgets. Read More


Booting Up: James Franco’s Selfie Essay Confirms It’s a Slow Week

Area man. (Photo: Instagram)

For the second year in a row, HBO’s Game of Thrones was the most torrented show of the year. [TorrentFreak]

Per the WSJ, Snapchat’s popularity suggests we want an erasable Internet. Isn’t that what the private browser is for? [Wall Street Journal]

Twitter’s stock is having the best week ever. [AllThingsD]

Remember iTunes Radio? It’s supposedly doing well, but Apple is now figuring out how to retain advertisers. [AdAge]

James Franco wrote a term paper about selfies and a neighborhood newspaper published it. [New York Times]


Booting Up: Time Warner Thinks Sky-High Game of Thrones Piracy Rates Are Better Than an Emmy

Going private? (Photo: Lionsdenu)

BlackBerry is reportedly exploring the idea of going private in search of a turnaround. “There is a change of tone on the board,” one person said. [Reuters]

We scoffed at the idea Google Glass could cost just $299, but thanks to the cost of materials, it could be a reality. [GigaOM]

HBO is totally flattered that you’re pirating Games of ThronesSo much so that Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes lauded everyone for making it the Internet’s most illegally downloaded show saying “that’s better than Emmy.” [The Verge]

ZuckerPAC has a new ad for his ad lobby outfit It’s an uplifting sixty second spot that shows an undocumented immigrant’s life story. [AllThingsD]

Here’s your daily think piece regarding Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post. [New Republic]


Sean Parker’s Wedding Will be More Whimsical, Less Medieval [Updated]

Ye Old Timey Shit

After a rather extended engagement, Sean Parker is finally making it official with the mother of his child, Alexandra Lenas. Rather than tying the knot in Zuckerbergian low-key fashion, however, it sounds like the two are planning quite the bash. Page Six says the pair will marry in June–in grand style.

The couple has reportedly settled on a medieval theme, their venue being a “forest setting” in Big Sur. The save-the-dates look like a medieval scroll. And sources tell Page Six each guest will receive his own custom period costume, because apparently the Lenas-Parkers want to humiliate their nearest and dearest. Read More


HBO’s New Tactic for Promoting Game of Thrones? Courting Techies

Sure. (Photo: Hashgram)

As HBO drums up promotion of the upcoming season of Games of Thrones, the premium cable network is trying a different approach: cozying up with the digerati. (Historically, HBO has greeted the Internet much Night’s Watch would approach a horde of White Walkers.)

Last week, the cabler held elaborate Games of Thrones-themed events in techie hotspots like Silicon Valley and Seattle–home base to Internet giants like Amazon, Google, Netflix prone to disrupting the archaic television distribution process. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumor Roundup: Writing Slideshows About Hot Tech Ladies Sucks, But ‘It’s Hard to Say No to $500′

SMDH (Photo: Complex)

40 Sexist Stereotypes It was not a great week for women in tech. Between the Adria Richards fracas and Complex deciding the best way to contribute to the discourse was to throw up a slideshow of the “40 Hottest Women in Tech,” it’s almost as if the takeaway from Sheryl Sandberg’s book was Lean In… with yer boobs. The good news is that in order for the gender disparity in tech to shrink, we need to have conversations like this–even if they turn ugly or mean-spirited or upsetting. Read More