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You Can Now Use Bitcoin to Bet on the World Cup

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The World Cup begins this Thursday, and if you’re American, you probably have a number of questions: What sport is this again? Is the U.S. even playing? And (most importantly) how can I place bets? The answers to those questions are “soccer,” “yes,” and now, “in Bitcoin.”

A new service called Bitkup is taking bets on your projections for the World cup. You can either opt into the betting pool with a single payment of 0.05 BTC ($33 at time of writing) or simply play along without betting. Playing for fun won’t qualify you to win the jackpot, but could lead to winning Bitcoin-themed prizes. Read More


Zynga Hires Online Gambling Vet, Everyone Gets Psyched for CasinoVille

You know what happens to Joe Pesci at the end, right? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Things are not going so hot for Zynga. The company bought Draw Something, and people promptly stopped playing it. Employees are complaining on Quora, and high-level execs are decamping to greener pastures. The stock is, pardon our crassness, in the crapper. Things are so bad over there, it must be enough to make Zuckerberg and Mason feel downright blissful.

Something must be done, and it looks like that something will be the time-honored money-maker of high plains drifters and mob bosses alike: gambling. Read More


U.K. Users Can Now Gamble Real Money in Virtual Facebook Games

(Photo: Gamesys)

With all this spare cash we have lying around, we were getting concerned that there weren’t enough outlets on the Internet for us to waste it. Luckily, Facebook has our back, and it’s an even better way to spend money than on shitty Zynga goods.

According to the Financial Times, Facebook has launched its first game where users can bet real money (with the hopes of winning real money, of course). Because gambling laws in the U.K. are closely regulated and allow for that sort of thing, the game will only be available to U.K. users, which is a damn shame for those who love Atlantic City but don’t feel like venturing out of their dark basements. Read More

Your Cheating Ways

Attention Startups, Online Gambling May Be the Big Market in New York for 2012

The iPad would but be fun to "scratch" on.

Since 2005 New York State has allowed residents to enter their number for Lotto or MegaMillions through an online subscription. But it has also been building a much broader and more advanced online gambling system that it was reluctant to launch over legal concerns. A recent decision by the Justice Department, however, seems to have cleared the way for states to run internet gaming operations within their own borders, and New York officials are pumped!

“We’ve been waiting for a couple years,” Gordon Medenica, the director of New York State Lottery, told The New York Times. “We’re thrilled that this ruling has now come down and confirmed that our legal analysis was correct all along.” Read More