Here’s Why You’re Losing So Many YouTube Subscribers

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YouTube recently announced that there are over 300 hours of content being uploaded each minute. With such a massive stream of content on the platform and usage continuing to rise, users have more options than ever to choose to go and what to watch. In spite of all the competitive content, many brands are ignoring the odds stacked against them, and instead implementing tactics which actually make things harder for them to succeed.

A great example of this is the choice many brands have made to implement Gadgets in their Youtube channels. Gadgets are applications (typically flash) that allow additional customization of a channel beyond YouTube’s standard design. Read More

Unproven Thieries

Smooth Motion Effect Is The Worst Thing On Earth, And It’s Time To Do Something About It

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If you’ve purchased an LCD TV in recent years, chances are you’ve had that experience. It’s big, it’s shiny, it smells like fresh plastic, it is good, you are happy. Your hand stops shaking, if only for a moment. You turn it on. Something is wrong. Things are too clean, too sharp, somehow … uncomfortable. You recoil in fear from an actor you once loved, their once warm features rendered cold and unapproachable in the face of modern technology.

The reason for that is the smooth motion effect, and it’s the subject of a recent petition started by cinematographer Reed Morano to attempt to keep the fat-cats in various TV-producing locales from ruining her and other filmmakers’ original intent. Sign it if you care about anything. Read More


This Alcohol Vaporizor Sends Tequila Straight To Your Bloodstream, Gets You Buzzed Instantly

Drunk off vapor (Image via YouTube).

If it’s the effects of alcohol rather than its deliciously intoxicating taste that drive you to drink, this new gadget is bound to get your party started.

The Vapshot mini vaporizes liquor so you can inhale your shots for an instant buzz.

Simply pour in the booze, inject the vapor into the Vapshot bottle, and 20 seconds later, you’re breathing in Jack Daniel’s through a straw. Read More

Tech for the Holidays

10 High-Tech Gifts For Your Facebook-Lovin’ Dad This Father’s Day

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For the nostalgic dad who still insists that everything sounds better on vinyl, there's this Bluetooth Gramophone. This gadget maintains the vintage feel of a horn speaker while wirelessly connecting to your modern music devices. (Photo via Cool Material)

Before you go reaching for that computer-themed necktie, we have a collection of high-tech gifts that would make any dad exclaim, “Neat-o!”

They’re unique, useful and even whimsical. Among them are everything from 21st century versions of your dad’s favorite old-time technology to T-shirts for showing off their techie pride.

Because what better way to spend the Read More

Go Go Gadget

‘Sexy’ TurtleCell iPhone Case Comes With Retractable Earbuds

Check out that retractability. (TurtleCell)

TurtleCell, a new protective iPhone case containing retractable earbuds, will be available for pre-order starting next Tuesday, the company has announced.

The product, which debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, allows users to extend the earbuds to their desired length, and then click a button to retract them when they’re finished listening — no unplugging or coiling involved. Read More

Internet Dumb

Two-Way Picnic Table Bibs and Nine Other Dumb Gadgets the Internet Cared About This Year

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Caution: this first invention is only recommended for the fanciest of dates.  If you're taking your SO out on a picnic, leave, I repeat LEAVE, your picnic blanket at home. And don't you dare consider sitting at a table meant for picnicking either. Do, however, use this two-person bib. The accumulating crumbs are sure to spark wonderful conversation (Screengrab: YouTube).

Yesterday, we stumbled across an article describing the two-way picnic table bib: a bizarre portable table that two diners can suspend between their necks.

Yes, weird gadgets like this exist — inventions that fall under the category of “most likely useless,” “this is actually making things more complicated,” and “please make it stop.”

For Read More

Go Home Science You're Drunk

This Handy ‘Death Test’ Gadget Will Tell You When You’re Going to Die

RIP Betabeat staffer. (Photo: Digimegirl)

There’s finally an accurate way to predict when we’re going to die that isn’t the Death Clock: Lasers. British researchers are developing a wristwatch-like device that uses small–but painless–laser beams to puncture your skin to analyze endothelial cells, an essential indicator for how healthy you are. It then tells you when you’re going to die, hence the “death test.” Read More

startup rundown

Startup Rundown: Tyra Banks’ Wallet Smizes at a New Startup and Uber Makes Your Friends Share Your Cab Fare

Viewfinder makes your photo albums super pretty and organized

Feast your eyes on Viewfinder Head to the App Store to check out Viewfinder, the sleek, newly updated photo-sharing app developed by a team of ex-Google and Microsoft folk. The app conveniently organizes your photos by date and location, and allows you to “dial through your memories” with a really cool, easy-to-use scroll-y device. You can also privately share your photos and instant messages with other Viewfinder users—like a more personal version of Instagram or Facebook. Maybe Viewfinder’s trying to make a subtle hint to hipsters posting photos of their vegan eggs benedict to Facebook: not everyone needs to see that. Read More