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GE Fantasizes We’ll All Be 3D Printing Dog Snacks By 2025

The future, boys and girls! (GE)

Obviously, Betabeat is very excited about the future (at least until the Singularity comes and we’re all bossed about by robots). Hence our interest in GE’s “Home 2025″ concept designs (via Dvice), which predict what yuppies’ kitchens will look like a decade or so from now.

“This isn’t about the Jetsons or pie in the sky ideas,” explained Lou Lenzi, director for GE Appliances’ Industrial Design Operation, but “reality-based innovation that will be possible over the next decade.”

The results are basically a big Sharper Image catalog, but with more sensors.  Read More

The Future Will See You Now

Cancer Victim Who Solicited Donations on Reddit for Cryogenic Freezing Successfully Preserved

Ms. Suozzi (Photo:

Back in August, a 23-year-old woman named Kim Suozzi took to Reddit armed with a painful story. While studying neuroscience in college, Ms. Suozzi was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor that gave her a six to 10 month median survival rate. Ms. Suozzi had an avid interest in cyronics and the life-extension possibilities it promised. So she posted to the r/Athiesm subreddit asking users to contribute donations so that she might be able to afford cryopreservation.

Now, according to the organization that helped solicit donations for Ms. Suozzi, she passed away earlier this month and went into cryopreservation on January 17th. Read More

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Robots Will Soon Fulfill All Your Sexy Nurse Fantasies

(Photo: CNET)

Ah, the medical professional fantasy: pretty mundane fodder for a generation reared on porn, but still immensely popular. Bedding a nurse is the number one fantasy among men, in case you haven’t been to a Halloween party in the past 25 years.

Now, some futurists are predicting that robots will have a dual function in our impending utopian society: not only will they care for us when we’re sick, but they’ll also satisfy our sexual fantasies in the process. Read More