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Instagram Is Not an Ecommerce Platform, Furby Fans Learn the Hard Way

WHY (Photo: gilbertofilho

The Associated Press reports that, “Thailand’s craze for the fluffy, owl-like robotic toy “Furby” has led to an online scam that cost dozens of victims a combined $200,000.” A teenager who posted an ad on Instagram took their money, but did not deliver the Furbies as promised.

How something that looks like a Satanic alien kitten could inspire such devotion remains a mystery.

(h/t The Daily Dot)

It's the End of the World as We Know It

Gaze Upon Your Terrifying New God, the Revamped Furby

(Photo: Club 937)

Consider your most recent nightmare, one that caused you to bolt upright in bed, quaking in fear. Did it involve a Furby? If not, now it will. You’re welcome!

You may remember the Furby as an animatronic stuffed animal from the ’90s that your parents once bought you for Christmas. It was fun to play with for an hour, but after a while grew so annoying and so creepy that you hid it in the basement and told you parents you lost it (like, hypothetically).

For no reason other than the fact that children are weird and sometimes terrible, Furbies were wildly popular in the ’90s. So naturally, its developer, Hasbro, has decided to revamp this gurgling, fur-covered nightmare for the digital age. God bless America. Read More