Quantify Yoself!

Fitbit’s ‘The One’ Is Your Self-Quantifying Soulmate

Hey there, handsome.

For many aspiring self-quantifiers seeking to shame their way to better health, Fitbit–the wearable device that measures the number of steps you’ve walked and quality of your sleep–was a gateway drug to flashier technology that followed, like the Nike+ FuelBand or Jawbone UP.

But the company, which recently released a realtime self-flagellationscale,  just announced two new devices to keep up with its competitors: Fitbit Zip ($59.95) and Fitbit One ($99.95).  Read More

Oh You Fancy Huh?

Silicon Alley Socialites: Foursquare Cofounder Dennis Crowley Gets His Very Own Best Buy Ad

Dennis Crowley best buy ad

Blame Michael Phelps fever for our oversight, but we seem to have missed a milestone in Silicon Alley’s rise to celebrity status. This past weekend, “Breaking Bad” viewers were treated to the visage of Dennis Crowley, staring back at them from a Best Buy commercial. Best Buy released two different thirty second spots starring the Foursquare cofounder, one of which is also running during the Olympics.

Mr. Crowley, the de facto poster boy for New York’s tech scene, doesn’t shy away from the limelight. There was last year’s print ad for Gap (alongside the defoundered Naveen Selvadurai), as well as his upcoming debut in Vanity Fair. “Have a SAG card yet?,” Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer quipped on Twitter.  Read More