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Boxee Joins the TMI Party With Frictionless Sharing From Facebook

Boxee bought?

If you don’t have to make a conscious decision to share something, shouldn’t it be called something else? The effort to share something is what separates it from daily life and lets your network know its worth their time. Otherwise its just sort of exhibitionist spam.

In any case, Boxee is joining the party, adding its name along Spotify and The Washington Post as part of Facebook’s new “frictionless sharing” initiative. Watch an episode of The Colbert Report and without even the click of a button this info is shared with your Facebook network. Read More

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Why The New York Times Decided Facebook’s ‘Frictionless Sharing’ Invaded Reader’s Privacy

Alexis Madrigal over at The Atlantic points to an interesting blog post by former New York Times developer Michael Donohoe about why the New York Times passed on Facebook’s vision for “frictionless sharing”, which the social media giant recently rolled out with The Washington Post’s Social Reader app.

With Facebook’s new model, all users do is read articles as they normally do and the app shares each one with their friends. No liking or tweeting. It’s the same model that has Spotify listens appearing in so many folks Facebook feeds. Read More