Booting Up: Zynga and Bang With Friends End Lawsuit Dispute, Hug

All about those Bitcoi(Photo: Insider Monkey)

Tis the season for Amazon to staff up for the holidays. It’s planning to hire 70,000 workers–an increase of 40 percent from last year. [USA Today]

Facebook has tweaked its settings for Graph Search…again. Now posts on your profile that aren’t made private are openly searchable. Or something. [VentureBeat]

Zynga and Bang With Friends have settled their trademark dispute although terms weren’t disclosed. However, BWF is hinting at their new future at [AllThingsD]

Manhattan and the outer boroughs is going to be blanketed in even more free Wi-Fi by December. [The Verge]

Science and tech departments, like NASA, will be largely affected by today’s government shutdown. [CNet]

oh thank heaven

The Chillest, Most High-Tech 7-Eleven Has Free Wi-Fi and an Amazon Locker

A 7-Eleven without the vibessss. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Attention FiDi denizens: If that fancy Duane Reade containing a salad bar is too New York Times trend piecey for you, a high-tech 7-Eleven also wants you to know that it too can disrupt the hell out of the convenience mart industry. A recently opened outpost at the corner of John and Pearl Streets has a flat-screen TV, complimentary Wi-Fi and an Amazon Locker for whoever uses that. Read More

Planet GOOG

Get Your Internet On: Google Is Giving Free Wifi to Southwest Chelsea [UPDATED]

Google cofounder Sergey Brin modeling Glass.

Give it up for GOOG, boys and girls: Later this morning, the search behemoth is expected to announce an initiative to blanket southwest Chelsea with free Wifi. That’ll mean easier access to the Internet for not just Chelsea Market shoppers and Google employees, but also residents of the NYCHA-run Fulton Houses and several local public schools.

Nice to see someone getting after that digital divide. Read More

After the Storm

Time Warner Cable Sends 10 Mobile Charging Trucks with Free Wifi to Downtown Manhattan


Time Warner Cable is sending 10 mobile charging stations equipped with WiFi into areas of New York that still don’t have power. The local Time Warner Twitter account, @TWCABLE_NYC, will update users with the truck’s location. Today they plan to hit residential areas of Chinatown, the Flatiron district and the West Village. And tomorrow the crew will announce additional areas. Time Warner stores in Staten Island and at the Queens Center Mall are fortunately also opening their doors to let people charge up. That should quiet the TWC haters in New York City–at least for a couple weeks.

The photo on the left was taken this afternoon in Chinatown and you can see how many people really need a charge from the trucks by the mess of wires around the outlets. Read More

Hurricane Sandy

Sandy’s Aftermath Turns Wifi Into Water in a Digital Desert

The waters from Hurricane Sandy have rendered some telecommunications networks about as useful as the rudder on the Titanic. As city-dwellers have begun to seek an internet connection, finding a wifi hotspot has sometimes become almost as important as securing non-perishables and batteries for flashlights.

AllThingsD has collected a good deal of information on where to find wifi in areas where even strong cellphone signals may be in short supply: Read More


Is Free Wifi Enough to Entice You to Check Out Windows 8?

Among the locations: Six subway stations. (Photo:

Quick question: What would Microsoft have to offer to get you interested in Windows 8? Would free Wifi perhaps do the trick?

Starting now until the end of the year–i.e., all the way through the holiday shopping season–Microsoft will be sponsoring free Wifi access at several locations around town, via Boingo Wireless. (San Francisco is getting the same treatment.) The program is already up and running in each of Manhattan’s six wired subway stations, and it’ll be extended to more than 200 unspecified hotspots across the island starting November 1.  Read More

No Sleep Til

Despite Its Rusting Hulk Exterior, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Is High-Tech

Behold the behemoth! (Photo:

It might look like an oil carrier abandoned on a forgotten shore, but the Verge reports that the recently opened Barclays Center is actually something of a technological showcase. The Internet: It’s not just for Manhattan anymore!

According to the Verge, you won’t just be able to get 3G and LTE reception, which is already an improvement over many massive structures. There’s also free Wifi available throughout the stadium. That’s good news for all you music buffs out there, because it means there’ll be a ton of footage from the concerts later this month–Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, the Who, Barbra Steisand–available on YouTube for approximately two hours before the copyright bots start playing whack-a-mole. Read More

Free Things

Good Thing We’re Tech Bloggers, Or We’d Never Have Noticed The Free Payphone Wifi


Yesterday, New York City rolled out a program turning increasingly useless old payphones into free Wifi hotspots. The coverage has been positive, as one might expect: What’s not to like about free Wifi?

But we do have one complaint: If we weren’t tech bloggers, we probably wouldn’t have noticed that this particular payphone was anything out of the ordinary.  Read More