Hurricane Sandy

Sandy’s Aftermath Turns Wifi Into Water in a Digital Desert

The waters from Hurricane Sandy have rendered some telecommunications networks about as useful as the rudder on the Titanic. As city-dwellers have begun to seek an internet connection, finding a wifi hotspot has sometimes become almost as important as securing non-perishables and batteries for flashlights.

AllThingsD has collected a good deal of information on where to find wifi in areas where even strong cellphone signals may be in short supply: Read More

Fun with Data

The Top Free Wifi Hot Spots In Manhattan By Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Outdoor Locale, and Noise Level [INFOGRAPHIC]


Did you know that the New York Public Library’s Science, Industry Business library in Murray Hill is the quietest spot for fast Wifi in New York City? Did you know that the NYPL even had a Science, Industry, and Business library? (Hence the quiet, we guess.) What about the fact that Kaffe 1668 in Tribeca has better Wifi than its East Village competitors, Ost Cafe and Blue Spoon Coffee?

Well, stop groping for Wifi in the dark! Read More