Official Pardons

Paul Graham Publicly Releases Nodejitsu From Hacker News Jail


Notorious Nodejitsu just got a big fat “get out of jail free” card from Paul Graham. The New York-based startup has been persona non grata on the influential geek forum Hacker News since . . . well, we first heard about the drama, oh, back in December?

Mr. Graham, who runs Y Combinator and Hacker News, says Nodejitsu was banned for spamming; Nodejitsu’s founders suspected it was because they compete with Y Combinator alum Heroku. But as of Sunday night, Nodejitsu’s back in the game. Read More

Summer Jamz Staffing up, Plans to Track Your Awesome


The folks at addictive music service are struggling right now just to keep the site up and running as its viral growth continues to surge. But co-founder Billy Chasen sent out an email last night with a few interesting updates.

One of the more addictive features on the service is the ability to follow a DJ and be alerted whenever they hit the decks. But so far there is no way to keep track of the songs you discover  and award points to for being awesome.

“We have a lot of exciting features on our roadmap, so expect to see new things getting rolled out over the next few weeks,” wrote Chasen. “Our biggest request right now are for multiple queues and tracking what you awesome. We are already logging everything you awesome, so you’ll see them soon.” Read More