Fox News Thinks ‘LGBT’ Is a Confusing ‘Tech Term’

Here's Mr. Tobak, here to tell you what that pesky "LGBT" thing is. (Twitter)

Fox News is helping its readers understand terribly confusing tech terms like “social network,” “open source”… and “LGBT”?

While perusing this morning’s tech news, we came across a story in Fox News’ business section called, “Popular Tech Terms, Decoded ; -).” Equal parts intrigued and reviled by the use of such a creepy smiley face in a headline, we had to click the link. What we uncovered was, quite frankly, even more perplexing. Read More


Booting Up: If You Are Wondering, Steve Ballmer Still Hasn’t Left Microsoft

Going to miss you. (Photo: Giant Bomb)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer released his final letter to stockholders yesterday with no sign of when he’s going to leave. [AllThingsD]

According to planning documents, Facebook’s housing development has an area called the “Quad” and six-foot walls surrounding it. Is there at least an iced coffee kegerator? [Valleywag]

Here’s everything you need to know about those ridiculous 55 inch touch screens (they’re not iPads!) in the even more ridiculously titled “Fox News Deck.” [TechCrunch]

Broadcasters in Utah are suing Aereo using the same claim that the IAC-owned company is retransmitting its content without permission. [The Verge]

Beats Headphones is launching a music streaming service because that’s exactly what the world needs. [TNW]