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Google Glass Debuts FourSquare For Your Face

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As of today, FourSquare, OpenTable, and TripIt are all available on Google Glass, adding to the suite of travel and exploration apps like Field Trip and Word Lens. So now, Google Glass can manage your itinerary, find attractions close to you, translate signs, book table, and check you in where you arrive.

Granted, these are all things you can just do with your phone — but Google says that at least with Glass, you can actually look at the sights around you while you figure out how the heck to get to the Colosseum.

Google Glass ambassador (amb-Glass-ador?) Timothy Jordan demonstrated the new apps for Betabeat at Glass Basecamp in Chelsea. Read More


Booting Up: We’re Just Hours Away From Twitter’s First Earnings Report

The gang! (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt is doing such a good job that he’s receiving $100 million in stock options as a bonus. [New York Times]

Microsoft is pumping $15 million in to Foursquare and signed a licensing deal to use the app’s location data. [AdWeek]

There’s lots of guessing about Twitter’s first earnings report that’s coming out later today. [Recode]

Here’s everything you need to know about new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. [Verge]

Taking another page from HBO’s playbook, Netflix has ordered a third season of House of Cards before the second season has even premiered. [USA Today]


Booting Up: Looking At BlackBerry’s Earnings Report Is a Neat Way to Feel Depressed

Foursquare's Dennis Crowley. (Photo: Sound Ctrl)

BlackBerry’s Q3 earnings are atrocious: it racked up a $4.4 billion net loss with a 50 percent decrease in phones shipped. It’s now refocusing its efforts to selling phones in Indonesia. [BI]

Foursquare secured $35 million in fresh funding because collecting badges is cool. [Verge]

Instagram says its ads are going great and everybody loves them. [AdWeek]

WhatsApp has garnered 400 million monthly users without spending a dime on advertising. [CNet]

Wall Street Journal might be getting rid of AllThingsD, but it’s keeping the D. Its new tech section will be called “WSJD,” which um… [BuzzFeed]

shameless rumormongering

Rumor Roundup: Emojis Get Artsy At This Gallery Exhibit and Questlove Spins for Spotify’s Holiday Party

Emoji show. (Photo: Jordan Valinsky)

Emojis everywhere. Last night, Betabeat ventured to an emoji-inspired art exhibit at a gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit is a joint project between Forced Meme Productions, Eyebeam and GroupMe. It’s sure to have fans of the tiny Japanese icons texting rows and rows of thumbs up symbols.

We gazed at famous paintings that were reinterpreted with emojis and even touched a piece of concrete modeled after Facebook’s thumbs-up icon. There’s also a gift shop selling goodies embossed with emojis that will be perfect for any of your friends who only communicate using the icons. Read More

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Startup News: Sumpto Tells College Kids How Popular They Are And Foursquare Adds Ads From Small Businesses

pay students

A lil something for Sumpto Billing itself as the Klout for college students, Sumpto announced that it’s gathered $350,000 in investments from the likes of and Nick Brien, former CEO of McCANN Group. Sumpto uses students’s output on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to determine how influential they are among their peers. But Sumpto doesn’t want to just be “Klout for college students” – it wants to take into account each student as an individual and reward them for being themselves… as much as it’s possible to be any version of your college self and still be deserving of a reward. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumor Roundup: Dennis Crowley Crows About Cake and Kevin Rose’s Tattoos Are No More

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Cake, cake, cake. Sorry haters, but Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley is going to have his cake and eat too. He shared a cryptic photo of a half-eaten “Dreaming Princess” cake proclaiming that the days of Foursquare are sweeter than ever.

Perhaps he’s right! The company did announce an innovative new feature that automatically sends you texts and rumors are swirling that Microsoft wants to take a chunk of the company. But, if we’re believing caption, he’s not going to tell us for another three months. Please, someone remind us to check in with that. Read More

Nerd Alert

Hey History Nerds: Turn Foursquare Into an Orgy of Vintage Photos

(Photo: Foursquare)

Good news for history nerds/hipsters who really identify with Luc Sante’s Low Life: The New York Public Library has released a snazzy new app that’ll show you cool historical photos when you check in on Foursquare. Pack your bags, because we’re going on a nostalgia trip.

The app draws on the NYPL’s Photographic Views of New York City collection, a huge cache of photos from the 1870s to the 1970s meant to “document the changing face” of the city. During a recent hackathon, a team rigged them up to Foursquare and its geolocation data. Read More


Booting Up: Reportedly, No One Likes Working at Foursquare

Foursquare's Dennis Crowley. (Photo: David Brabyn)

The morale at Foursquare is apparently terrible and everyone wants to leave. One person described the startup’s dire situation as “the building is on fire.” [Business Insider]

Here’s a think piece about what it means for Google now that Bing is Siri’s favorite search engine. [AllThingsD]

The new feature on iOS7 that turns the iPhone into a flashlight is bad news for those apps that claim to do the same thing. One app, which is VC-funded, issued a statement: “We are certainly concerned about this announcement by Apple, as it could affect our core revenue stream.” Sure, that’s your problem. [TechCrunch]

Sony says the Playstation 4 will cost $399, which is $100 less than the XBox One. Clearly Sony didn’t come here to make friends. [Tech Hive]

Just days after launching on Android, Vine is more popular than Instagram on Twitter. [The Verge]

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Twitter and Foursquare Attempt to Ruin Movie Going with Pre-Show Ad Partnership

It would be neat to read Twitter on that. (Photo: Hashgram)

The movies are no longer our one place of reprieve from social media. Twitter and Foursquare both announced partnerships yesterday with National CineMedia, a company that creates those annoying pre-show ads, to integrate the two sites into your movie viewing experience.

For the deal with Twitter, National CineMedia will pull data from the platform for the totally innovative idea of creating a weekly series that highlights tweets and trending topics related to the movies. So, get excited to read annoyed fan’s tweets about how overrated The Great Gatsby was on a 50 foot screen. Read More