After the Storm

While Downtown’s Dark, Everyone’s Checking In Uptown

That's stark. (Photo: Twitter)

Right now, it’s like the literal dark ages downtown. No power, no internet, patches (at best) of cell phone service. People are chronicling the scene in video, narrative and photo form. But if you want to see a really stark visualization, check out this screenshot of Foursquare Explore’s trending locations, tweeted earlier by Peter Wu. His comment: “A tale of two cities.” Read More


Foursquare’s C.E.O. Talks Magically Recycled Data at Mobile World Congress

explore for web

Foursquare says recycling your data is good for you. Because when others use information published on Foursquare to find new destinations, that’s what C.E.O. Dennis Crowley calls it: “recycling.”

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mr. Crowley gave his whimsical take on how Foursquare users can benefit from using the app. He said Foursquare enables the user “to cut through the data stream in a way that no one has done before” and Foursquare’s “Explore” service helps the app’s 15 million users and 750,000 merchants who have signed on so far form “a big community.” Read More