Former Porn Star Bree Olson Visits Fortnighter’s Alexander Basek In New York

Sometimes a pickle is a just a pickle

A few months back Betabeat reported on a budding Twitter romance between former porn star “goddess” Bree Olson and Alexander Basek, travel writer and co-founder of startup Fortnighter.

It was an online affair that emerged in from the digital wake of Hurricane Irene. Ms. Olson was at home feeling bored and sick, Mr. Basek was on Twitter cracking wise. Since Mr. Basek was taken, it seemed like things would stay online only.

But According to The New York Flash, the pair met up IRL while Ms. Olsen was in New York celebrating her 25th birthday: Read More

This Happened

What Happens When Porn Star Bree Olson Starts Twitter Stalking You?

Bree Olson, Ms. August, 2011

Bree Olson, legendary adult film star and one of Charlie Sheen’s favorite goddesses, had been feeling under the weather the past two weeks. Cooped up in her California pad, the buxom blonde, who doesn’t care for television,was entertaining herself by reading Twitter. A committed vegan and animal lover, Ms. Olson follows the ASPCA, which last weekend began tweeting repeatedly about the importance of putting pets into shelters before Hurricane Irene got New York all wet and wild.

“I thought to myself, what’s going on with Irene?” said Ms. Olson, who reached Betabeat on our cellphone late last night. She did a quick Twitter search for “Irene” and came across the writing of Alexander Basek, a New York based travel writer and co-founder of local startup Fortnighter. Impressed with his style and glad to have found someone who could make her laugh, Ms. Olson tweeted out, “I have a crush on this guy I’ve been twitter stalking for about 5 minutes. He is hilarious! @Alexanderbasek Love me some east coast ginger.”

The air outside was crisp and clean when Mr. Basek awoke Sunday, the storm having passed, but a torrent of @ replies from Ms. Olson’s 257,000 followers continued, showering him with an odd mixture of jealousy and camaraderie. Mr. Basek quickly found Ms. Olson’s tweet, although he wasn’t quite sure who she was. “The name sounded familiar, and her avatar is her Playboy cover, so I knew generally. She links to her site in her Twitter profile. It doesn’t take much to jog your memory.” Read More