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Scientist Predicts We’re Turning Into Bratz Dolls

Hot. (Photo: NickolayLamm.com)

A geneticist has predicted that in the future we really will have the cartoonishly huge eyes of the Jetsons, all the better to take in the dark Martian colonies we’ll call home. Science!

Forbes summed up the results of a hypothesis formed by artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, who, along with computational geneticist Dr. Alan Kwan, reasearched and illustrated what humans–specifically, white ones–might look like 100,000 years in the future. Read More

XX in Tech

Sheryl Sandberg Leads the Tech Pack on Forbes’ Women in Power List

Boss. (Photo: flickr.com/jurvetson)

Forbes has just released its rankings of the world’s 100 most powerful women. Many of the honorees are exactly those you’d expect–German chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, the list also serves a kind of unofficial assessment of who’s in and who’s out in the tech business, as well.

Numero uno is, no big surprise here, Sheryl Sandberg (who comes in at no. 10 overall). The brief accompanying profile of Ms. Sandberg notes: Read More

Ballmer Time

Get On Your Feet: The Essential Steve Ballmer Videos

Get outta here. (flickr.com/orcmid)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently topped a Forbes list naming the CEOs who should have already been fired, calling him “the worst CEO of a large publicly traded American company today.” Ouch.

We leave ranking his leadership abilities up to the glossies, but what we do consider ourselves experts in is his hype man skills. In fact, we dare say that Mr. Ballmer is the Best Hype Man of All Time. YouTube is an unending well of Ballmer gold. And as Deadspin editor Erik Malinowski put it, “He really is a national treasure.”

So without further ado, we present to you the five best Steve Ballmer videos of all time. Read More

Visting Dignitaries

What Did Forbes Leave Out of Its Sean Parker Profile?


Late last night, Forbes‘ Steven Bertoni, whose beat is “the World’s billionaires, plus entrepreneurs and disruptors,” released a lengthy profile of Sean Parker, nicely pegged to the Facebook F8 conference going on right now, which sadly did not, as @benpopper predicted, announce the rollout of  “brainwave control and inter-species friendships.”

Aside from describing Mr. Parker as “flighty, manic and unpredictable” and noting conflicting stories about Mr. Parker’s departure from Plaxo, the article speaks in reverent tones about Mr. Parker’s “drive to disrupt” and the difference between Aaron Sorkin’s fictionalized version and Mr. Parker IRL. Read More