Tao of Steve

No Golden Parachute for Steve Jobs, CEO of Second-Most Valuable U.S. Company

The lionhead and the lion.

We’re on the Footnoted.com email list, a daily serving of excessive executive compensation and corporate lavishness, but today’s missive about CEO compensation had a different tone. The blog took a look at what Mr. Jobs, who has been taking a $1 salary since 2003 even as Apple’s stock soared, is likely to take with him in the way of retirement benefits, severance bonus and other good-bye perks. “The answer: not much.” Read More

Control Changes

Motorola’s SEC Filings Hinted at Google Acquisition Back in March

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha.

Google’s announcement of its $12.5 billion Motorola buy blindsided the tech and Wall Street press this morning, suggest it either kept the deal very tightly under wraps–which the Goog is not known for being good at–or it happened very quickly. But Motorola started hinting at an acquisition as far back as March, according to SEC filings dug up by the fine print experts at Footnoted, in which the company started playing with its severance packages in the event of a “change in control,” suggesting serious talks with Google may be months old. Read More