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Startup News: Dev Bootcamp, Incubator Deadlines, Closet Monsters From TV and Free Food

Stacy London of What not to Wear has a new startup called TKTKTKTKTK (Source: Phil Plait

SHUTTER. Luminance is not your average photography conference. Instead of focusing on the latest gear, this two-day program will bring together experts at the forefront of the technology we use to create, manipulate and share our images. Among the speakers are Behance founder Scott Belsky, Hipstamatic cofounder Lucas Allen Buick, Google’s Chris Chabot, Pulitzer prize winning photographer Barbara Davidson, Tumblr CEO president John Maloney, Facebook Photos engineer Srinivas Narayanan and the School of Visual Art’s David Ross. All speakers will present a 20-minute TED-style lecture.

TOE, HEEL, TOE, HEEL. What Not to Wear‘s Stacy London is the cofounder of a just-launched site that aims to connect personal stylists with the stylistically clueless. Style For Hire stylists will perform a “closet audit,” provide personal shopping services or create new outfits out of clothes a customer already has—that’s called closet shopping. Now women who aren’t lucky enough to be on the show can still have their closets—and lack of fashion sense—torn apart, but without the benefit of a judgmental, national audience. Read More

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SpotOn, Venue Recommender Pivots: Now Fondu, Food Venue Recommender

SpotOn pivots, obtains swooshy logo achievement.

SpotOn, which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt, had massive home court support from members of the New York tech scene. The startup didn’t make it to the finals but got a bit of buzz. Following the event, the team “spent a lot of time refining the recommendation engine and testing with users,” according to its entry on Crunchbase, and “based on extensive user feedback,” opted for a pivot—sorry, opted to “evolve their product.” SpotOn was a Foursquare-esque recommender for new coffee shops, restaurants, bars and so on, which Betabeat found head-scratchingly redundant next to Foursquare’s Explore feature. Read More