Aviary, Now Editing 10 M. Photos a Month on Mobile Alone, Launches Version 2 for Web and Mobile

via Aviary

Aviary has done pretty darn well for itself in the four months since launching its mobile SDK. In a blog post announcing a new version of its embeddable photo editing software for web and mobile, the puppy-obsessed startup shared some noteworthy stats. Aviary is now editing more than 10 million photos were month on mobile alone and picked up 300 partners through its API. Both in terms of unique users and edits, the company is growing at 50 percent a month.

The Aviary blog features a number of luxe screenshots of what the updated user interface, which includes enhanced speed, sleek dials, overhaul of its cropping tools, and more effects, will look like. But Betabeat spoke to Alex Taub, head of business development and partnerships, to get the full story about the upgrade, which also includes some attempts at monetization. In the meantime, if you want to start playing around with it, Pic Stitch will be the first partner to implement and go live with V2. Read More

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CEO Avi Muchnick on Why Aviary Distanced Itself from Flash and Pivoted Towards Mobile

Mr. Muchnick, right, with some unidentified broad.

Aviary, the  Made in NYC startup behind a robust suite of editing software,  announced the release of an iPad SDK today. It’s been just a few weeks since Aviary launched its mobile SDK. But as AllThingsD reports, the iPad SDK as well as several new API extensions represents a big pivot away from Flash.

In fact, although Aviary started out by bringing Adobe-esque multimedia editing to Web browsers via Flash, CEO Avi Muchnick says Aviary will no longer be adding to that tool set and will instead focusing on mobile. “It wasn’t part of the road map for the company,”Mr. Muchnick told Betabeat. After watching mobile  grow to 50 percent of overall Aviary usage in just a few weeks, it appears the company is onto something big. Read More