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‘World’s Heaviest iPhone Case’ Turns Your Phone Into a Dumbbell For Some Reason

We're so sure that woman owes her fit physique entirely to her ToneFone. (DesirableBody)

Think twice about hitting the gym tonight, because a new product billed as the “World’s Heaviest iPhone Case” will apparently turn your iPhone into a “weight loss device.” Okay.

The product is aptly called the ToneFone, and it’s a chunky iPhone 5 case that basically transforms your phone into a really light dumbbell. It comes in 1kg (2.2 lbs) and 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) varieties, and is made from “100% British steel” coated with “soft, durable and grippy rubber.” Depending on which weight option you choose, the ToneFone goes for £22.90 or £25.40, which comes out to around $38 or $42, respectively. Read More

Quantify Me

This Smart Wristband Will Count Your Calories For You, You Lazy Oaf

Day Five: Salad again. (Photo:

We’ve gathered there are two components to dieting: eating healthy food, and keeping track of it. Sadly, neither the first nor the second step is much fun. A new smart wristband is setting out to make the second part a little bit easier, though.

The AIRO wristband “uses tiny LEDs on [its] underside to detect metabolites in the bloodstream, which means it can break down the nutritional intake of your food,” PSFK reports. The wristband can divvy up the sludge you’ve shoveled into your body into protein, fat and carbohydrates. It can’t tell the difference between simple and complex carbs, PSFK says, but hey, neither can anyone else. Read More

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Want to Work at Fitocracy? Just Attach Shirtless Selfies to Your Resume

(Photo: Hire Kenny Yang)

Fitocracy, the gamified fitness app that boasts a Dick, Wang and Cocken on its staff roster, has just added a new intern to the team; sadly, his name is Kenny Yang, so dreams of building out a staff with names derived solely from penis synonyms have flown right out the window.

Mr. Yang did, however, score the position in a rather atypical way. In order to prove his devotion both to Fitocracy and the healthy lifestyle it promotes, Mr. Yang created a single-serving website called “Hire Kenny Yang,” complete with not one, not two, but six shirtless photos of himself. The photos illustrate Mr. Yang’s progression from 260-pound high school student to ripped-as-fuck “level 25 ninja.” Read More

Welcome to New Fit City

Greatist, the Smartly Sourced Health Hub for Normals, Zooms Past One Million Monthly Uniques

Absperimentin' (Photo by Ian Spanier via

Derek Flanzraich, the 25-year-old Harvard grad founder and CEO of Greatist, has had a pretty productive summer. Greatist, the online health and wellness hub he launched a little over a year ago just skipped past one million monthly uniques. And Mr. Flanzraich, whose PR rep pointed out that he “looks like an Abercrombie model,” (duly noted) procured himself a set of six-pack abs, albeit temporarily.

“It took me six weeks to get a six-pack and one-and-a-half weeks to lose it,” Mr. Flanzraich told Betabeat last week of the “#Absperiment,” he documented on the site. Read More