Fitness 2.0

New Equinox App Leaves No Stone Unturned in the Quest for a Hot Bod

MAKE ME: Skinny enough to piss my friends off. (Screengrab via Equinox app)

Remember when your gym was just the place you went to work out?

If Equinox’s recent reboot of its app and website is any indication, the days of fitness centers existing solely as locations are over. The revered fitness chain’s new digital experience incorporates everything a health nut could want. This includes FitBit and Jawbone Up compliance, class schedules and reservations, articles on diet and working out and more.

The app will even pick a group class for you based on your mood. With the “Make Me” feature, you slide your thumb up and down a screen with gradated colors from blue to green to yellow to orange to red. Stop at “make me breathe,” and you’ll get a list of suggested yoga classes from gyms around your current location. Pick “make me burn burn burn,” and the app delivers studio cycling, power sculpt, barre burn and other higher-intensity workouts. Read More