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Joining LinkedIn: Costing People Their Jobs?

How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn

Social platforms being given rise to the point where if you’re not on one people look at you like ‘For real?’ has also resulted in a rise in social networking flubs, the kind born of avoidable sheer stupidity resulting in people being convicted of crimes, cheating on spouses (and being caught), and of course, losing their jobs. So: What ridiculously avoidable act of sheer stupidity did 34 year-old John Flexman do on LinkedIn to lose his job?

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Twitter Trouble

TSA Screener Busted After Blogger’s TwitPic of “Get Your Freak On” Note Goes Viral

Get Your Freak On Note

Jill Filipovic—she of the daily feminism essential-reading blog Feministe—recently took a trip through one of our nation’s great airports. When she got off the plane, she found a note in her bag. She Tweeted the note, it went viral, and the TSA has now publicly acknowledged it and the disciplinary action being taken against the TSA screener who put it there. So what was the note? Read More