iPhone 6 Bends, Catches Fire in Pants Pocket, Man Claims

Mr. Lechter's phone, post-fire. (YouTube)

The iPhone 6’s questionable bendiness — perhaps better known as #Bendgate — might have just become a lot more serious.

A man, Phillip Lechter, claims his iPhone 6 bent and caught fire in his pocket following a minor pedicab accident in Tucson, Ariz., on the weekend of Oct. 11. The flaming gadget, Mr. Lechter attests on his blog, burned through his jeans, and left first- and second-degree burns on his leg. Read More

Internet 911

New Jersey Issues Emergency Bulletin Over Idiotic ‘Fire Challenge’ Trend

Dumb. (Twitter)

Good work, teens. Besides saving helpless people from burning buildings, firefighters now have to devote their energy to worrying about your dumb, dangerous social media trend.

The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety recently released a statewide emergency bulletin warning firefighters and fire officials about the “Fire Challenge” craze, wherein teens are covering themselves in flammable liquid, lighting themselves on fire, and then documenting it on social media. Read More

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Heroic Man Braves Burning House to Save His Xbox

Maybe this one. (Photo: Xbox)

A Kansas man clearly had his priorities straight when he reentered his burning house to rescue his Xbox.

The stupidity was displayed Friday in a northeastern town when the man realized he fled his house being engulfed in flames empty handed. So, feeling the adrenaline and realizing that he couldn’t go on if he didn’t have the gaming console to hug at night, he risked life and limb to go back in and grab it. Read More