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Here Are 9 Web Series That Are Actually Worth Watching

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So much web video is garbage. Still, everyone once in a while someone manages to get it right.

Web series as a genre is finally coming of age as viewing habits shift from television to digital. More and more writers and directors are doing web video well, and great series are finally getting a chance to shine.

Sure, the most popular work is still being produced like major houses like Netflix and Hulu. But every once in a while, a small team or unemployed director manages to make a short series (or series of shorts) actually worth diving in to.

These are our picks for narrative web-exclusives actually worth watching — prepare to lose the next six hours of your day. Read More

David vs. Googliath

Google Knows What Movie You’re Going to See a Month Before You Do

Your former default might look something like this. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Google can now predict a movie’s box office success a month before its release with 94-percent accuracy — although 48 percent of moviegoers don’t decide what they’ll be watching until the day they make the trip to the cinema.

Google analyzes search patterns to forecast opening weekend box office revenue, according to a blog post by Andrea Chen, Principal Industry Analyst for Google. Subsequent weekend performance can be predicted with 90 percent accuracy. So if a movie’s not garnering much web buzz, it just might bomb like Battleship. Read More