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Introducing Wired City, a New Channel Where Commercial Real Estate and Broadband Come Together

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New York City is inching ever closer to rival Silicon Valley as the epicenter of the tech world—and commercial real estate has to match its pace. With more tech start-ups moving to New York, and requiring high-speed Internet to do their jobs—or at least watch cat videos with minimal buffering—the presence of a broadband Internet connection can transform a pedestrian property into a hot commodity.

That’s why fellow Observer Media property The Commercial Observer has launched Wired City, a savvy new channel that explores the intersection of infrastructure, real estate, and broadband Internet. If you enjoy Betabeat’s coverage of New York’s quest for world domination, we think Wired City will be right up your alley. Read More


Booting Up: Does Yahoo Want Its Very Own Video Site?

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Twitter now has a broadly worded patent on its own service, but the company pinkie swears it won’t go patent trolling. [The Verge]

Yahoo’s reportedly in negotiations to buy a big stake in the video site Dailymotion. Does someone have a little GOOG envy, hmm? [Wall Street Journal]

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, who was thought to be in the running for Adobe CEO, was named Apple’s VP of technology. Given the animosity between the two companies, we’re going to guess he won’t be invited back for employee happy hours. [AllThingsD]

But is he any good? Or is he a “bozo”? [Daring Fireball]

Google is expanding Fiber to the suburb of Olathe, Kansas. And here we thought cities owned the 21st Century. [Kansas City Star]

“Android has outgrown Andy and honestly, I don’t think he knows where to take it next.” [The Verge]


Booting Up: Zynga’s Sketchy Stock Dumpers Edition

Who, me? [Inside IPO]

Zynga insiders dumped a whole bunch of their stock just before it crashed. That doesn’t sound sketchy at all! [Yahoo]

More and more cyberattacks are being launched against U.S. infrastructure. Okay, but does the malware play AC/DC? [New York Times]

Amazon saw a 96 percent drop in Q2 profits. We’re guessing you’re not reading this on a Kindle, then. [Wall Street Journal]

The Verge uncovered top secret old Apple product prototypes. [The Verge]

How will Google fiber make money, and what does it mean for already-established broadband companies? [GigaOm]