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Some Jerk FDNY Lt. Thought Passover Was a Good Time to Call Bloomberg ‘King Jew’ on Twitter

Bad Lt

Perhaps the FDNY should incorporate social media etiquette into its intense training sessions. The department and its well-connected aspirants have been responsible for a rash of racist tweets recently. This time it involves 34-year-old EMS Lieutenant Timothy Dluhos who recently went tirade involving racist, anti-semitic and anti-Asian remarks on his since deleted Twitter account.

The New York Post revealed that Dluhos’ Twitter account was a hotbed for nasty remarks, including one instance where he joked about giving up racial remarks for Lent and then added “Jesus that didn’t [last] long…F-ken chinks cant drive.” Read More


Booting Up: Return of the Winklevii

Bitcoin bros. (Photo: Celebrity Net Worth)

Mayor Bloomberg has his own geek squad of statisticians who are using sexy, sexy big data to make the city better. [New York Times]

Zuck’s political ambitions continue to grow with the news that he will join a superpac with techies and Republican strategists that will focus on issues like immigration and education reform. Psst Zuck, if you’re gonna target Congress, you might have to start wearing an actual suit. :( [AllThingsD]

Lawmakers are already trying to ban Google Glass while driving. One step at a time, everyone. [CNET]

Hey all you people who care about privacy: look what you did to Google Reader! [AllThingsD]

The Winklevii are back, and they have a nicer Silicon Alley office than you. [New York Times]