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E-Cigs Still Aren’t FDA Approved, But Science Says They’ll Help you Quit Smoking

They look dumb, but we guess they help prevent cancer? (Wikimedia Commons)

We’ll admit it: we’ve made fun of e-cigarettes before for their unwavering ability to make people look like tools. But despite e-cigarettes’ icky appearance, a new study has found that they’re actually doing a great job of helping people quit smoking.

People trying to quit smoking are 60 percent more likely to succeed if they switch to e-cigarettes than if they use nicotine products or quit cold turkey, Reuters reportsRead More


Booting Up: FDA Orders 23AndMe to Halt Sales Of Its Sketchy DNA Tests

Banned. (Photo: 23AndMe)

The FDA is ordering Google-backed 23andMe to stop selling its personalized DNA tests because it doubts the products are backed by science. [USA Today]

If we’re judging by follower counts, likes and comments then ads on Instagram are working. [Digiday]

Flipboard is reportedly close to securing a $50 million funding round. [Fortune]

Blackberry’s COO and CMO have been fired, which is probably an early Christmas gift for them. [Business Insider]

Could Best Buy’s #VineinLine campaign on Twitter for Black Friday lead to people recording their fights and using the hashtag to promote them? Hopefully not! [AllThingsD]

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Tweaking Scientists Invent FDA-Proof ‘Caffeine-Related Ingredient’

Peace out, coffee, there's a new sheriff in town.

In an effort to circumvent the pesky FDA, a company called ChromaDex is hard at work on a “caffeine-related ingredient” that will provide a buzz that’s spread over a longer period of time than the one you get from normal caffeine.

The FDA has been cracking down on all of the ridiculously caffeinated products on offer recently, Fast Co. Exist reports, and ChromaDex’s Purenergy would “offer the same energy boost as traditional caffeine in significantly lower quantities, circumventing any future FDA caffeine limits for products.” Read More