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Spanx Is Squishing Your Organs So Time to Dust Off That Atkins Diet Book

Celeb and noted Spanx wearer, Kim Kardashian (Getty)

Because we know you’ve been tirelessly planning your outfit for the Academy Awards’ red carpet, we thought we’d better inform you that those Spanx you’ve picked out might literally be squishing your organs.

The Huffington Post recently asked a gastroenterologist, a dermatologist and a chiropractor to elaborate on the possible medical dangers of wearing Spanx and other shapewear, and their answers, quite frankly, are far scarier than your juice fast-induced bloating. Read More

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Your Instagram Mirror Pics Are Now Fashion Design Inspiration

Bow down. (Screengrab:

Your selfies may be alienating loved ones and acquaintances, but according to the New York Times, Instagram users’ activity may actually influence real-life fashion designers.

It’s not so much that designers are crafting hot-dog-leg pants or building entire collections to look like they’re being seen through the Rise filter. Rather, they’re using Insta as a way to keep up with which aesthetics the masses are digging these days, and even–in the case of no less a designer than Marc Jacobs–crowd-sourcing jewelry designs from time to time. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Wait Til Kanye Finds Out There’s a Job Posting for His Clothing Line on LinkedIn

That dress will be on clearance. (Photo by Karwai Tang/FilmMagic)

Kanye West is a pretty tech-savvy gent–his most recent music video was available only on his website and tied in to Instagram, and his mysterious startup, Donda, is populated by tech guys and app guys. And on the rare occasion that he lets us into his creative process, it most often comes through a stream of artfully-caps-locked tweets.

That’s why we’re a little skeptical about this LinkedIn help-wanted ad purporting to be advertising the missing career link between you and Yeezus: Read More


Cancel All of the Gift Guides: Everyone Gets This Sean Jean Pullover With Built-In Video Screen



Get your wallet and brace for one-stop holiday shopping. CNET reports that Macy’s has teamed up with Diddy-owned clothier Sean Jean to create THE must-have gift for the men in your life: A fleece sweater that comes with a video screen sewn into the sleeve.

Stylish does not even begin to describe it. Also it’s great for costume parties, in case you want to dress up as a Times Square billboard. Read More

Exit This Way

Street Style Social Network Shutting Down

Ms. Nguyen (Photo: We Are NY Tech)

New York-based street style social network announced in an email sent out to users today that it will be shutting down. The company’s owners would probably rather you think of it as a pivot, however: According to the announcement, they’re folding into a new ecommerce site called That’s Foxy, which will deliver “shop-able products that are inspired by what’s trending in the community.” Read More

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Are You a Woman in Tech Who Likes Fashion? Well, Get Ready to Justify It

Before you buy that bag, consider how you're going to explain it at the office! (Photo:

Many of the tech-talking ladies of Silicon Valley, like so many women with discretionary income to burn, love fashion. Only, if this New York Times piece–dubbed “Breaking Tech’s Fashion Taboo”–is any indication, they’re not allowed to just enjoy a thing that they like. No, they must justify it.

Let us start by trotting out a truth apparently universally acknowledged, which is that style is suspect among denizens of the West Coast tech scene (or at least style that doesn’t involve the latest fashion in socks): Read More

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Stylecaster and Etsy Unite to Bring High Fashion to the Masses


Stylecaster, the community-driven fashion platform, has teamed up with the Internet’s answer to Zooey Deschanel, Etsy, to help bring accessible fashion to the masses. The two NYC-based companies collaborated on a photoshoot near Etsy’s HQ at Dewey’s Candy Store in painfully hip Dumbo. It’s a powerful collision of New York startups and style, so be sure to don your best shades, lest you be blinded by the breathtaking twee-ness of it all. Read More

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Can Clothes Horse’s Secret Algorithm Help You Buy Clothes That Actually Fit?


Last April, Stephanie Clifford’s New York Times story, “One Size Fits Nobody,” went viral. (Or at least as viral as a non-Linsane animal-based memes can possibly go.) That’s probably because Ms. Clifford’s confession–that she varies anywhere from a size 4 to size 8 without gaining a pound–is a near-universal dilemma. Clothes Horse, a New York-based startup that launched publicly today, thinks it can solve that.

Brands like Bonobos, one of Clothes Horse’s beta test cases, use the startup’s software to embed a widget on their e-commerce site. After 30-seconds of questions like “What brand’s shirt fits you best?” or “Is it tight around the chest?” the widget spits out information on how that retailer’s items are likely to fit.

To do that, Clothes Horse uses an algorithm that combines a database of human measurements, sizing specifics from about 50 brands, and some kind of “secret sauce,” which cofounder Vik Venkatraman declined to describe. Read More