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People Are Finally Getting Sick of Candy Crush, King Digital’s Stock Price Starts Plummeting

Tommy Palm, the public face of Candy Crush and King Digital. (Photo via GDC 2013)

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The deal(ish): King Digital’s quarterly report shows the people are losing interest in Candy Crush, and stock prices fell 23 percent.

Investors are trend-chasers, and in tech, those trends move particularly quickly. But when it comes being a slave to fast-moving fads, gaming companies put the rest of the tech business to shame. Read More

Unproven Thieries

Video Game Writers, Stop Dismissing Free-to-Play Games

A still from Clash of the Clans. (Photo via Flickr)

Question: You are a writer, tasked with analyzing popular culture for the purposes of edification, attention and profit. You’re going about your business, which likely consists of lamenting the lack of innovation in your chosen field. All of a sudden, something actually unexpected happens. A new genre emerges, instantly capturing the attention of audiences around the world with a basic structure that represents a radical departure from most everything on the market. What do you do?

The answer, of course, is to dismiss it as anathema, a dangerous threat to all that is good in the world and a pathetic diversion of the unwashed masses. Tried and true.

That’s what the world of traditional videogame journalism has decided to do regarding free-to-play mobile games, which happen to include some of the most popular games on Earth, enjoyed by millions. Read More

Faux Outrage

Reports That Instagram Lost 25 Percent of Active Users Are Greatly Exaggerated

(Photo: Instagram)

“Rage Against Rules,” declares a bolded headline in The New York Post today, which collected stats from App Data to paint a portrait of a flailing Instagram. The Post claims that following the terms of service debacle, which supposedly had both normals and celebrities fleeing the app, Instagram’s total active users has plunged 25 percent.

The app reportedly peaked at 16.4 million daily active users the week of Dec. 17, but has decreased to 12.4 million as of Dec. 27. Read More


Sue Something: Employees File Class Action Lawsuit Against Zynga

No reprisals here!

This is the Summer of Zynga’s discontent. There are Zynga’s stock woes, which have prompted Forbes to question whether the gaming company is really worth any money at allForbes‘s Eric Savitz writes that “the market is basically saying it simply does not see any long-term value in the company’s ongoing business.”

Then there’s also this class action suit filed against Zynga in a California Superior Court on July 16, which alleges Zynga failed to pay overtime and has unfair business practices. Read More


Can Zynga Go From Schoolyard Bully to Class Angel by Backing a Charitable Facebook Game?

This dude wants some butterbeer. (Photo:

It appears that Zynga, the evil mastermind behind FarmVille and Mafia Wars, is not completely hell-bent on destroying the world. The online game producer turned super villain announced today that it would help design a Facebook game to fight the oppression of women around the world.

The game is based on the novel Half the Sky, which follows the lives of women who have been victimized through sexual violence and trafficking, insufficient educational and financial opportunities and poor healthcare. It is part of a larger multimedia effort based on the book’s themes that will include a PBS miniseries as well as mobile games in India and Africa. Read More

Zynga Needs a Hit, Man

Plotting? (Photo:

Today, Zynga is hosting the press (and their dogs) at its San Francisco HQ for something called “Unleashed,” where the company will presumably be “unleashing” some new games. Let’s hope they’re a little more entertaining than that pun, because, as the New York Times points out, the company could use some help.

It’s not like Zynga’s woes are a secret: Shares are currently at $6.07, having debuted at $10 and spent time under $5. More people are gaming on mobile devices, and Facebook’s growth is slowing. The company shelled out $180 million for Draw Something, which is currently cratering. That just goes to show you how quickly games fall out of fashion, which makes planning awfully hard.

Also, just yesterday, EA launched the open beta of its social take on SimCity, which was previously announced with a trailer proclaiming “more city, less ville,” to the sounds of Best Coast’s “The Only Place.” Ouch, guys. Read More

Gaming the System

Does The Future Of Ebooks Look Like Farmville?

The Future of Literature?

Obviously, regular old ebooks have arrived and they’re not going anywhere. Amazon now sells more Kindle books than print; ebook sales are the fastest-growing in the business. But now that readers have embraced the digital, here comes the next wave, says Wired: “enhanced ebooks,” which incorporate video and interactive elements. That’s all well and good, until someone starts throwing around the term “literary Farmville.” Read More