Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Dear TV Obsessives, TV Guide’s New App Is Actually Pretty Great


When Betabeat stopped by the TV Guide offices in Times Square yesterday, Christy Tanner didn’t waste any time getting our attention, pointing out that TVGuide.com gets 25 million monthly unique visitors, up from 4 million since 2006. (For reference, last year comScore reported that The New York Times’s website was attracting 30 million monthly uniques.) What’s more, she added, anticipating our assumptions, almost half those users are under 35 and average 22 page-views per person. Sixty-year-old brands repositioning themselves for the internet era, we suppose, don’t have time to beat around the bush.

In fact, as Ms. Tanner, executive VP and general manager of the website and TV Guide Mobile, explained, TV Guide Digital seems to be in the midst of a digital reawakening, the best example of which is its surprising useful new app, released on iOS today, with an Android version coming this fall. Read More