Booting Up: Foursquare Wants to Recommend Some Coffee Shops

We're hungry. (Photo: Screencap)

Foxconn has confirmed that underage “interns” as young as 14 worked for brief periods at its Chinese factories. Bring this up the next time an underemployed millennial theater major carps about, oh, anything. [Bloomberg News]

Marissa Mayer has poached another Googler: Henrique de Castro will be Yahoo’s COO. But it’s costing the underdog a pretty penny to get him: All told, he’ll get something like $60 million (part of it in stock). [Wall Street Journal]

Badges? What badges? Foursquare, in its pursuit of being a player in the search and recommendations business, has redesigned its desktop home page so that anyone, not merely registered users, can use the service like they would Yelp. [GigaOm]

Meet your new favorite Tumblr, Fairy Tales for Twentysomethings: “the emperor bought a new fedora but all his friends thought he looked really stupid in it.” It’s like Once Upon a Time, except not one long commercial for the Disney Vault. [Tumblr]