Come back Twitter!

Tweets Don’t Fail Me Now: Real Time Updating on Twitter Not Working For Some [Updated]

Come back, tweets :( (Photo: Twitter)

For the past 30 minutes or so, real-time updating on Twitter appears to have stalled. The most recent tweet appearing in the Twitter feed of a number of users is from over 30 minutes ago, and the site has stopped updating itself. A scant tweet from over a half hour ago will flow in at the rate of about one per minute–otherwise, it’s a vast nothingness.

Strangely, it appears that tweets may be working on third party apps like Tweetdeck, but not on Twitter’s dedicated site. Read More


Booting Up: The Fail Whale is an Endangered Animal

(Photo: Twitter)

All those frenzied election night tweets–peaking at 327,452 per minute–and not a fail whale in sight. It seems Twitter has finally slain the beast. (Now the company just has to figure out what it means to be a media company.) [All Things D]

But what can the tech sector expect from four more years of Barack Obama? More cyber weapons and more money for electronic medical records, for starters. [Gizmodo]

The company’s had a rough year, but Netflix still gets far more traffic than Amazon, Hulu or HBO Go. And the stench of Qwikster is even beginning to fade, too! [GigaOm]

Gartner predicts 1.2 billion “smart devices” will sell in 2013. That’s on top of an estimated 821 million this year. [TechCrunch]

Microsoft is building a new, $100 million tech center in Rio de Janeiro. Now that‘s the kind of business trip that plays well in recruiting pamphlets. [The Next Web]

Twitter Trouble

TSA Screener Busted After Blogger’s TwitPic of “Get Your Freak On” Note Goes Viral

Get Your Freak On Note

Jill Filipovic—she of the daily feminism essential-reading blog Feministe—recently took a trip through one of our nation’s great airports. When she got off the plane, she found a note in her bag. She Tweeted the note, it went viral, and the TSA has now publicly acknowledged it and the disciplinary action being taken against the TSA screener who put it there. So what was the note? Read More