MESSAGE ON THE WALL: Facebook Denies Reports of Private Message Popping Up On Your Timeline [UPDATED]

Zuck still owns you (Photo: Tech Globex)

Check out our dissection of the privacy scare: Anatomy of the Facebook Hysteria: Remember the Aughts? You Will Now

Facebook users in the U.S. and European Union have begun reporting old private messages visible on their timelines. According to TechCrunch and multiple French and Italian publications, the newest messages are three years old and tagged as having been “Posted by friends.” TechCrunch reports the first tips about the bug coming from readers, while MetroFrance asks if it is a “bug or security breach?”

The French news site reported that where the flaw occurs messages are clearly past private communications and they are often mixed up with ‘comments from friends on [your] wall.’

Betabeat has also had multiple old messages pop up on our timelines, prompting unpleasant walks down Memory Lane.  Read More

Facebook Faceoff

Facebook Would Rather Brands Pay for Advertising Than Use Brand Pages

Buddy Media's CEO, Michael Lazerow (

In the social marketing space, if you want to be successful, you have to become one of Facebook’s Preferred Developers. Without this corporate badge of honor, your company won’t have access to various Facebook insider perks, like tips on new features and API changes, and direct access to Facebook employees and training.

The PDC program has always been viewed as an olive branch extended to big companies–it’s essentially Facebook’s way of saying they value brands on the platform, so much so that they provide a list of “preferred” companies that can help optimize your brand’s Facebook presence.

But with the advent of Facebook’s new layout, Timeline, the company’s devotion to brands has grown increasingly murkier and rendered some of the most traditional offerings of social marketing companies–like scheduling posts and developing custom landing tabs–far less necessary. Read More

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Facebook Premium: Ads Everywhere, Ads Everywhere, Ads

Facebook Premium

Facebook held its much-anticipated fMC event (Facebook Marketing Conference or “for more cash,” depending on your perspective) at the Museum of Natural History in New York today. And its not that far from what we told you back in December when Betabeat leaked details of Facebook’s plan to sell your timeline to advertisers.

COO Sheryl Sandberg started out talking about Facebook’s role in the Arab Spring, before moving onto Facebook’s ability to change the public’s relationship with politicians and celebrities,  then finally got to the big reveal: Facebook Premium. The old online ad model is fixated on companies  “talking at their customers,” whereas, “They want to be a full part of the conversation.”

“It enables brands to find their voices… and to have genuine, personal relationships with their customers,” said Ms. Sandberg. Facebook, helping you built lasting, intimate bonds  . . . with organizations that want to sell you shit. Read More

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Wow, Those Sure Are a Lot of Ads Next to My Face on Facebook

Nitasha Tiku likes daytime drinking in the summer.

In the past few days, Facebook users may have noticed a big change in the format of ads tacked onto their personal photos. We first caught glimpse of it next to photos of a colleague and her adorable baby baby whose sweet face was suddenly juxtaposed next to a sponsored post about VOD distribution. Startin’ ‘em off early!

While the new photo viewer, which moves comments and ads from below the photo to a more prominent placement on the side, started showing up earlier this month, this week Facebook began implementing the Google+-esque format more heavily. Ads tend to show up—and how!—next to photos without many comments. Read More


Harvard Professor Compares Facebook Timeline Posts to Mouse Poop


Facebook Timeline is finally, totally, completely here for everyone (who didn’t already hack their way into it)! Huzzah! If you don’t know what Facebook Timeline is, you’re about to: It’s the social network’s new interface that gives you not one, but two profile pictures. Again: Huzzah! Also, it organizes everything you’ve done on Facebook into an indexed, historical record. It is crazy. So crazy, in fact, that it prompted one Harvard professor to note with disgust—in the New York Times, no less—that in the context of Timeline, your life on the internet is evolving into…a series of very organized pieces of mouse poop. Seriously. Read More