Teach Me How to Startup

‘Dog-Focused-Thinktank’ Demands Credit After DogVacay Secures $25 Million in Funding

These dogs are running straight into the riviting world of tech startups.(Flickr/Mike Baird)

Yesterday, the Internet was plastered with headlines announcing the news that DogVacay—the startup better known as “Airbnb for dogs”—secured $25 million in funding.

It turns out that they’re not the only one who have noticed a gap in the doggy sitting industry. The concept was actually the first startup idea of “One Sentence Startup Pitches,” the amusing Facebook group we wrote about last month. Read More

Privacy Police

Facebook’s Wonky Privacy Controls Now Outing LGBT Youth Without Their Consent

Lock it up. (Photo: Smedio)

Whenever Facebook is taken to task for its complicated yet miraculously ineffective privacy settings, its canned response typically amounts to, “We’re working to make our privacy settings as nuanced as possible.” But this statement, and the concept that Facebook cares about its users’ privacy, is almost antithetical to the actual business of Facebook–mainly, that it makes its money off of users using their real names and lax privacy settings.

As the Wall Street Journal puts it, “The company says its commitment to ‘real names’ makes the site safer for users. It is also at the core of the service they sell to advertisers, namely, access to the real you.” Read More

It's Zuck's World We're Just Living In It

Thanks to Facebook, Now You’ll Know Who’s Ignoring Your Posts to That One Group

Courtesy: Facebook.com

Facebook, in an apparent effort to fulfill dreams of becoming the creepiest social networking site, announced today that members of a group will now be able to see who has read their posts to that group. While this feature won’t be on your newsfeed–not yet, anyway–it will make it infinitely more difficult to quietly ignore Read More