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Some Genius at a French Retailer Wants to Trademark the Anonymous Logo

Screencapped from the filing.

In a perfectly reasonable move that definitely won’t come back to bite them in the ass, a French retailer is attempting to register Anonymous’s logo and tagline with INPI, France’s trademark agency. Good luck with that, guys!

TechDirt (with a hat tip to Asher Wolf) reports that the company, called “Early Flicker” and which seems to exist largely asĀ an Ebay storefront, has filed an application that, if granted, will make the retailer the legal owner of both (in France, anyway).

Anons have, naturally, already released a video response that looks like something out of Babylon 5. The masked man proclaims with a computer distorted voice that that their logo and tagline have been “defiled” and promises retribution. You know, the usual: Read More