The Perks of Being a Developer

West Coast Tech Companies Still Offering Batshit Perks

Ugh shut UP.

How’s your Monday going? Pretty meh? Thought so. It’s about to feel even more mundane, because SFGate wrote about some Bay Area tech companies’ office perks this weekend, and somehow they seemed even more over-the-top than usual–we’re talking beyond unlimited vacation.

Here is a highlight reel of the most insufferable and envy-inducing–but also head-scratching–perks offered to employees in California’s tech world: Read More

Signs Signs Everywhere a Sign

The CEO of Evernote Hates Your Passive Aggressive Signs About Cleaning the Sink

Sign free and happy as he can be. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

No one likes coworkers who steal food from the fridge and leave their dirty, stinking dishes in the sink. In fact, the only thing more annoying are the scolding signs that attempt to prevent these tiny tragedies of the commons.

Or at least that’s what Evernote CEO Phil Libin thinks. In an interview with the L.A. Times, he admitted that he recently went on an office rampage against “stupid office signs”: Read More


Google Dances on Reader’s Grave With the Launch of ‘Keep’

(Photo: Google)

This morning, I logged on to my computer and looked for my Reader tab in my Google drop-down, and it was gone. All those years of devotion and suddenly the GOOG burying our history together. (Now you actually have to go to So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t rush to embrace Google’s latest, greatest app: “Keep,” a new note-taking service.

Announced today in a blog post, Keep offers a replacement for your current, disorganized system of crumpled Post Its and emails to yourself: Read More


Booting Up: A Guilty Plea for Former Dotcom Millionaire

(Photo: Daily Tech)

Quinn Norton speaks out on what life inside the Aaron Swartz investigation was like. “This will not be the final word on Aaron’s story, nor is it intended to be. Two years later, these are the events as I remember them, and the feelings as I knew them.” [The Atlantic]

Former dotcom millionaire Jennifer Sultan plead guilty to selling prescription drugs and conspiring to sell a firearm in exchange for four years in prison on Friday. Ms. Sultan, who sold her company Live Online during the first boom, burned through her fortune after becoming addicted to prescription pain killers. Let this be a cautionary tale for bubble 2.0. [New York Times]

Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz took to Rap Genius this weekend to decode Andrew Mason’s goodbye letter. Swag? [TechCrunch]

If you got an email this weekend from Evernote that it had reset your password, that’s because the company suffered a major security breach. [The Verge]

SpaceX Dragon has successfully docked at the International Space Station, which is great because we don’t really need any more griping from Elon Musk right now. [Ars Technica]