Whatever, Haters: Everlane Attempts to Lure Engineers to the West Coast by Insulting NYC

(Photo: Everlane.com0

NYC startup denizens, bust out the pom poms and the insults: Everlane, an online retailer specializing in really, really fancy t-shirts, is hosting a New York-based job fair in conjunction with Projective Space, the NYC coworking space. The point of the job fair? To convince engineers, designers and sales people that New York sucks and they should move to Los Angeles or San Francisco. (L.A.? Really?) Read More

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Lerer Ventures-Backed Everlane Cuts the Middleman Out of Clothing Production


You may know SF-based startup Everlane from the viral infographic¬†they published in January about the high cost of clothing production. The startup, an online-only clothing¬†manufacturer, creates luxury basics without absurdly high designer markups. But what we didn’t know is that Everlane is backed by several of New York’s biggest startup funders, including Lerer Ventures and Betaworks. Read More