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Startup News: Spotify Reminds Us That Music is Awesome and Taxi Companies Hate Losing Money/E-Hailing Apps


Spotify Finds Its Voice┬áIf you didn’t know that music is great, Spotify’s new commercial is going to make sure you know it. The online music distributor’s first foray into TV advertisements premiered Monday during NBC’s The Voice, featuring a person enjoying the best crowd surf ever accompanied by a monologue on the general awesomeness of Read More

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Textingly Seeds the Web With SMS Apps

Us on a plane.

In a smart expansion of its current offerings, local start-up Textingly, which helps businesses manage their SMS interactions with customers, is building out an app platform to integrate their services with some big web companies.

Users of the more than 18 million WordPress blogs, for example, can now add a Textingly widget to their Read More