Europe to No Good

Sorry, Euro-Dorks: Continent to Stay Google Glass-Free for a Few Years

Pfft, American. (Photo: Google)

Maybe you are a privacy fanatic. Maybe you think face computers are unforgivably dorky. Maybe you just really like crepes. Either way, you’ll be glad to know that Google Glass will not be available in Europe for years, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Europeans “have traditionally been more concerned about privacy and hesitant to adopt new, potentially disruptive personal technologies than Americans,”¬†WSJ says. True, we Yanks are suckers for anything new, especially if it has a sleek and shiny ad campaign. Read More

Selling Social

Buddy Media Goes Global With European Headquarters in London

New York based Buddy Media has rapidly risen to become the dominant platform for big brands to manage their marketing on Facebook. Now the company is opening a European Headquarters in London as it looks to tap the fast growing international market on the world’s largest social network.

The company, which raised $5 million from advertising giant WPP back in October, is bringing on Comscore veteran Luca Benini to run its European operations. France is one of Facebook’s fastest growing nations, ¬†although the real explosion is taking place in less developed nations like Brazil, China and India.