Estonians Get To Vote Online While We Still Have To Leave Our Houses

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Estonia opened the source code of its server software for electronic voting yesterday but hey wait a minute — Estonians get to vote online and we don’t?!

Yes, the e-voting system has been used for five elections, including general, local and European Parliament elections, since 2005, ERR News reports. Also, says ERR, “Estonia is sometimes dubbed E-stonia for services such as e-taxes, e-school, e-medicine and other innovative, bureaucracy and cost-cutting public services,” while Americans still can’t get free Wi-Fi in major cities. Read More


FBI Could Pull the Plug On Millions of Internet Users March 8

These guys want to help. Really.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation may yank several crucial domain name servers (DNS) offline on March 8, blocking millions from using the Internet. The servers in the FBI’s crosshairs were installed in 2011 to deal with a nasty worm dubbed DNSChanger Trojan. DNSChanger can get an innocent end-user in trouble; it changes an infected system’s DNS settings to shunt Web traffic to unwanted and possibly even illegal sites.

DNSChanger oozed out of Estonia and may have fouled up as many as a half-million computers in the United States. The feds’ temporary fix to keep the worm from propagating was to replace infected servers with clean surrogates. Read More