The Gamification of Everything

You Think You Know Startups? New Metastartup Turns Startup News Into a Game

eric strait

Remember the metastartups, the companies that exist only because of the burgeoning startup scene? Metastartups are just as viable as regular startups (or more), as it turns out. Take the outrageous success of actual revenue-generating website LaunchRock, the splash page and Twitter spam creator which could only exist in our interesting times. (The case could be made that any Bitcoin service is a metastartup centered around a startup currency.) Betabeat got a note from Eric Strait this morning, Austin-based co-founder of metastartup StartupDelight, which launched itself via LaunchRock in May, at which time we wrote: “StartupDelight lets you back hot trending startups by purchasing their hot company logo gear through special deals-of-the-day. Who is your market? Hot startups! What’s your product? Hot startup gear! Who are you? A startup! Welcome to the all-startup economy: Totally self-sufficient, with a little help from friends.” Read More