Kara Swisher Has a Cameo Role in HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

Ms. Swisher on set. (Photo:

Tech and entertainment junkies alike are practically frothing at the mouths over the premier of Silicon Valley, which debuts at South by Southwest today — and it turns out the show will have some Easter eggs in store for tech types.

Co-creator Mike Judge said the new show will be the anti-Entourage, which could be good or bad (but definitely not as bad as Betas, sry Amazon) on Friday during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Read More

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Rumor Roundup: Emojis Get Artsy At This Gallery Exhibit and Questlove Spins for Spotify’s Holiday Party

Emoji show. (Photo: Jordan Valinsky)

Emojis everywhere. Last night, Betabeat ventured to an emoji-inspired art exhibit at a gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit is a joint project between Forced Meme Productions, Eyebeam and GroupMe. It’s sure to have fans of the tiny Japanese icons texting rows and rows of thumbs up symbols.

We gazed at famous paintings that were reinterpreted with emojis and even touched a piece of concrete modeled after Facebook’s thumbs-up icon. There’s also a gift shop selling goodies embossed with emojis that will be perfect for any of your friends who only communicate using the icons. Read More

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Kanye Uses Yeezus Tour’s Screaming Fans to Shame Eric Schmidt Into Investing

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 20, 2013

Further proving that his spectacular Yeezus tour is actually a cover for a DONDA fundraising round, Kanye West used his screaming audience to pursue an investment from Eric Schmidt at the Madison Square Garden show on Saturday night.

He repeatedly interrupted his set, Complex reports, to inform the crowd that Google chair Eric Schmidt was “in the house.” He then asked “approximately a dozen times, ‘Do y’all want Eric Schmidt to invest in DONDA?'” The crowd went wild. There’s nothing like peer pressure from a bunch of drunk groundlings to get a startup funded. Read More


Booting Up: Blame Princeton Students For Creating That “What Would I Say?” Facebook App

"Numbers are hard." (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch)

Snapchat’s rejection of a multibillion dollar offer from Facebook was made “because they think making a deal now would leave many billions more on the table.” [New York Times]

LivingSocial is “ashamed and embarrassed” that its outage has lasted more than 40 hours. [AllThingsD]

That “What Would I Say?” app for cobbling your Facebook statuses together was a result of a Princeton Hackathon. [New Yorker]

Searching for a new hobby, Google’s Eric Schmidt has joined the board of The Economist. [Guardian]

Apple is requesting an additional $380 million in damages from its argument with Samsung over patent infringements but Samsung only wants to pay $52 million of it. [CNet]

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Who’s Worried About Big Brother? Not Eric Schmidt!

Hakuna matata, guys! (Photo:

We’re entering a new age of ubiquitous surveillance, when you can’t even embark on a wild night out in Brooklyn without worrying about some Glasshole uploading your embarrassing antics to YouTube. It’s enough to make you wonder whether maybe we ought to worry about what governments and corporations will do with the technical ability to Read More

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For Some Reason, Eric Schmidt Thinks Talking to a Computer on Your Face Is ‘The Weirdest Thing’

(Photo: AndroidPolice)

Though current Google CEO Larry Page seems to be quite at home with his Google Glass, the company’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, is much more candid about the strangeness of having the Internet dance in your field of vision at all times. Speaking to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Mr. Schmidt admitted that talking to a face computer as if it’s your best friend is “the weirdest thing.” At least he’s honest! Read More


Why Not Buy This Yacht From Eric Schmidt’s Ocean Research Institute?

Fly. (Photo: Prestige Yacht Auction)

So, how’d you do on your tax refund? Because we’ve just found the perfect way for you to seastead in style.

Behold the Lone Ranger, a salvage tug turned marine research vessel turned superyacht. Business Insider reports that the vessel, originally listed at $20 million, needs major work and so it’ll be auctioned at the Antibes Yacht Show on April 20, as-is, for somewhere between €3 million and €10 million.

Oh, did we mention it used to belong to the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the marine research foundation run by none other than gallivanting Google chairman Eric Schmidt?  Read More


Booting Up: Yes, Eric Schmidt Loves His BlackBerry

(Photo: Talk Android)

Google has applied for a new patent that shows the company is thinking about programming Google Glass to be able to control objects like your garage door and your refrigerator. You’d simply look at your fridge door and superimposed controls would be reflected onto it, telling you you need milk. Uh, want? [Engadget]

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads our rumor roundup, but turns out Google chairman Eric Schmidt does indeed prefer his BlackBerry over an Android phone. [The Guardian]

Now Google is building a smartwatch. How many watches can one human need? [The Verge]

If you want to commit cyberwar, you’re going to need the manual. [AP]

Virtual currency like Bitcoin is getting money laundering rules that will hold providers accountable in a similar manner to money-order providers like Western Union. Sorry, Silk Road. [Wall Street Journal]