Man Starts Kickstarter To Buy Kickstarter, Fails to Understand Finance


Comedian and rabble-rouser Eric Moneypenny decided to follow the grand tradition of McSweeney’s satirical Kickstarter for Greece, by starting his own Kickstarter . . . to buy Kickstarter. Get it?

The project, called “I Would Like to Buy Kickstarter,” aims to raise $19 million based on its value on Donors who pledge $10,000 or more are entitled to a: “Pizza Party! With me, Eric Moneypenny, the new owner and CEO of Kickstarter.” Donors pledging $10 or more get a much more raw deal:  a free Kickstarter account to launch their project. Guess under Mr. Moneypenny’s regime, the crowdfunding platform will start charging for its services. Read More