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And Another Crunch Bites the Dust: Editor-in-Chief Erick Schonfeld Is Out At TechCrunch, Long Live Eric Eldon

New TechCrunch editor Eric Eldon, in 2010

Damn, we thought for sure the next big exit from the ashes of the house that Arrington built was going to be Alexia Tsotsis, but it looks like heads are rolling closer to the top instead. Editor-in-chief Erick Schonfeld, the “man without hap” that many doubted could match Mike Arrington’s bluster swagger, is out as editor-in-chief of TechCrunch.

In aberration from the typical TechCrunch good-bye post, which is becoming something of a genre, Mr. Schonfeld didn’t pen his own farewell. Rather it was written, mere minutes ago, by Ms. Tsotsis and her new boss, Eric Eldon. Mr. Eldon is a former editor at VentureBeat and, unlike Mr. Schonfeld’s promotion, it looks like ex-Crunchers approve. Read More