Dude Brings His Girlfriend’s Pinterest Wedding Fanfic to Life

This could be you one day, Pinterest fiends. (Screengrab: YouTube)

In a gesture that’s sure to please all of The Notebook‘s most type-A fans, a young man planned a surprise proposal and wedding for his girlfriend using nothing but her “My Dream Wedding” Pinterest board.

Amanda Roman’s exhaustive board includes such Pinterest staples as inspirational quotes, makeup tips and even sparkly guilt-inducing weight loss crafts. With more than 220 pins, the only thing she was missing was a fiancé :\ Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

The Key to Being Good at Twitter Is Tweeting Sappy Stuff You Used to Put in Your Away Message

Awwwz. (Photo: Twitter)

We’ve always wondered if there were any holdouts still ascribing to the mating rituals of AOL 4.0, when users telegraphed their feelings by filling their away messages with maudlin love quotes.

It turns out, those methods are alive and well. Some women ages 20 to 35 are still partaking in the same behaviors on Twitter by following Notebook of Love (@Notebook) and retweeting it like crazy. @Notebook garners so many retweets and favorites, in fact, that it’s the most engaging of all Twitter accounts. Read More

Popular Attitudes

6 Percent of Online News Readers ‘Always’ Comment on Stories, Compared to 37 Percent Who ‘Never’ Do

newspaper breakfast table

And they keep the Huffington Post alive. With engagement being the future of news publishing and all that, Ad Age surveyed 1,003 households on their attitudes toward commenting on news stories. Of all those surveyed, six percent said they “always” comment on a news story, compared to 37 percent who say they “never” do.  Read More