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This Futuristic Jewelry Could One Day Harvest Human Energy

Er, we can totally see this being a trend. (Screengrab: Vimeo)

Here’s a possible solution to our planet’s energy crisis: jewelry that would harvest and store human energy.

It doesn’t actually exist yet, but as CNET reports, it’s a fascinating concept devised by Jerusalem-based artist and designer Naomi Kizhner. Called Energy Addicts, the conceptual jewelry would pierce wearer’s skin to collect their energy, which could then be transferred to other devices. Read More

Clean Tech

Breaking the Breaker Box – Enertiv and the Quantified Energy User


In the offices of Urban Future Lab, high above Brooklyn’s Metrotech Center, there’s a screen covered with charts and graphs over the receptionist’s head. A light bulb is turned off, and a bar graph dips in response. The air conditioning kicks on, and another chart jumps. On the screen, a dollar amount, now reading “$79” slowly ticks upward.

The graphs are monitoring the energy use of the tech incubator, which houses over a dozen startups focused on clean tech and infrastructure. One of the startups hosted here is Enertiv, who are unrolling a system that is giving us a look at how we’re using our energy, more closely than we’ve ever had. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Scions and Wonders: Has a Procter and Gamble Heir Discovered the Key to Universal Energy?

Mr. Gamble and Adam Trombly. (Thrive Movement)

While riding the school bus one sun-dappled morning, a boy named Foster Gamble—heir to the bountiful Procter and Gamble fortune—had a strange vision that would permanently alter the course of his life. In the glare of the sun, Mr. Gamble, who was then 14, claims he spotted a whirlpool pattern that he would eventually determine to be the “torus,” an energy vortex that he believes could be the key to understanding the universe.

“I just knew that the flow of energy I was seeing was the same in the atom, as in our entire solar system,” the steely-eyed Mr. Gamble declares in his feature-length documentary Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?, which debuted online to much skepticism and some derision in late 2011. “I felt deeply that I too was somehow made of that pattern. This vision was what originally got me into science.” Read More

Clean Tech

A Wind Energy Startup Grows…in Brooklyn?


We thought it would be fun to get off the beaten path for a second and cover a tech company doing stuff outside the consumer web. This morning Brooklyn’s OwnEnergy announced it will develop a large wind farm to power more than 9,000 homes across Pennsylvania.

Like so many interesting tech projects in New York these days, OwnEnergy is the brainchild of a former Wall Street worker. Jacob Susman worked with Goldman Sachs for several years, helping to guide the companies investment in wind energy.  Read More