In Which We Meet a ZocDoc Competitor and Find Out More About the Sausage Factory


ZocDoc, the medical appointment-booking website, says it syncs seamlessly with “all practice management systems that have 1 percent marketshare, and a lot that have less than 1 percent marketshare.” We reported this in a story about the service’s founding and growth last week, and a reader chimed in to express skepticism: “There are hundreds of practice management programs for doctors; ZocDoc says it syncs with all the versions that have more than a 1 percent market share.” Absolutely not true.

The author of that comment, James Davis, works in business development for RegisterPatient.com, which provides “customizable online patient registration that allows the patient to complete and electronically sign all their paperwork before their scheduled visit to the doctor.” They also do insurance verification and patient self-scheduling. In other words, a ZocDoc competitor. Which is how Mr. Davis knows a little something about the difficulty of working with doctor software. (Mr. Davis was upfront about his conflicting interest.) Read More