Hey Bossman, Reading Books IS Work

What counts as work nowadays? (Wikimedia Commons)

One of my beefs with the modern office is that you need to be seen as working, even if it’s an illusion. And what classifies as “work” is often defined by the quality of your leadership.

If you work in a fast-food or retail job, you’re always on the go. These are hard jobs. There is never a down moment. If you’re caught sitting more than once on your shift you’re generally fired. In these settings, work is easily defined and jobs generally mechanical. There is always something to do and it’s easy for your boss to see when you are working and when you are not. Read More

David vs. Googliath

Congrats, Slackers: Google Doesn’t Like to Hire Teachers’ Pets

(Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

If you’re a total loser in the school department, have no fear: Google has found that people who perform well in terms of GPAs, test scores and in-interview brain-teasers aren’t always the best employees.

The New York Times sat down with Laszlo Block, senior V.P. of people operations at Google, and he spilled the deets on the data behind Google’s hiring process. It turns out, there’s no foolproof way to measure hiring success and brainteasers are kind of a sadistic crock. Read More