Thumbs Up: You Can Now Search Yelp With Emojis

Now searching Yelp is a piece of cake (Yelp).

There was once a time when emojis were all fun and games, but now they mean business.

A new Yelp feature enables users on the mobile app to search for services using the friendly little icons we all love.

Now, instead of typing “bar,” all you have to do is enter one of the five alcohol-related emojis.  Wine glass, martini glass, garnished cocktail glass, beer mug or X2 beer mug — the choice is yours. Read More

We the People

Sick of Stereotypical Turban Guy, DoSomething.org Petitions Apple to Address Emoji Inequality

These don't exist. (Photo: DoSomething.org)

Late last year, before Miley Cyrus became the platinum-haired twerking PSA that she is today, she started a shortlived Twitter campaign for emoji equality. “RT if you think there needs to be an #emojiethnicity update,” she tweeted, adding “umm before they add nail colors they BETTER add black people!!!” Now, a group of dissatisfied emoji users at DoSomething.org have launched a petition to address the emoji keyboard’s racial inequality. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Miley Cyrus Starts Campaign for Emoji Equality

Ms. Cyrus (Photo: Wikipedia.org)

Miley Cyrus had a brush with social advocacy last year when she recorded Occupy Wall Street’s unofficial theme song, “Liberty Walk.”  But since then, she’s remained pretty quiet on any issues of equality. In 2012, she’s cut her hair several times, most notably when she got rid of her bun, which put popular fan account @Mileys_Bun in an awkward position.

But now Ms. Cyrus is back to the fight with a new issue. Yes, Ms. Cyrus has something that all Americans can get behind — Emoji equality. Read More


‘I Created Emojis’ Apparently Not a Good Pickup Line

(Photo: MetroWeekly)

In recent years emojis have transitioned from an SMS-based shorthand primarily used in Japan to text decoration employed by everyone from iPhone-obsessed tweens to twenty-somethings still on their parents’ family plan. Emojis officially appeared on the iPhone 3Gs back in 2009, and have since experienced numerous updates, with the newest version finally incorporating a pizza icon into its visual repertoire. Read More

This Means War

Emoticon Creator Declares Beef with Emojis: ‘I Think They Are Ugly’

Who dare call these lil cuties ugly? (Photo: I am Cal)

In a feud that will surely go down in the annals of Internet history, the so-called father of emoticons, professor Scott Fahlman, has decided to take issue with the emoticon’s livelier cousin, the emoji. And on the 30th birthday of the emoticon, no less.

Professor Fahlman is widely credited with creating the modern day smiley face emoticon. “I propose the following character sequence for joke markers: :-)”, he wrote in a 1982 email, solidifying his place in history for pounding out a few symbols on a keyboard one day. We should all be so lucky.

But now, all that fame and glory seems to have finally gone to his head. Read More