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Someone Introduced Siri to Eliza: iPhone App, Meet Your Artificially Intelligent Ancestor

Eliza chatbot, flying solo

Jordan Mechner, creator of the wildly-popular Prince of Persia video game, had a rather genius idea this week.

“Since I got my iPhone 4S, I’ve been intrigued, fascinated and alarmed by Siri’s fast-growing capabilities. I thought it would make sense to introduce her to my psychotherapist, Eliza,” Mr. Mechner blogged.

AI historians know Eliza better as a computer program, written by MIT’s  Joseph Weizenbaum in the mid-60’s, that was one of the first examples of natural language processing. True obsessives would also note that Eliza failed the Turing Test, which means it isn’t actually artificially intelligent. Rather it uses pattern-recognition to processes users responses to scripts, most famously DOCTOR, which simulates a Rogerian pyschotherapist. (Guess Freud fell out of favor in the 60s?) Read More